The strongest drug in the hospital

All of the Directors of Sunshine Coast Medical Education are passionate about education.  We believe in the #FOAMed movement and we try to increase the exposure of articles, pod/vodcasts and other sources of information that we find interesting or at least thought provoking.

If you have any articles that you would like to share with us please do so via Twitter (@sunnycoastmeded), Facebook or email us at

With three of the four Directors of Sunshine Coast Medical Education heading to Berlin for #DASSMACC (and one presenting at a workshop!), we are madly listening to many of the talks from last year’s SMACCDUB conference.

Here is one from Peter Brindley – Teamwork the strongest drug in the hospital.  We found this an interesting talk as teamwork, and how to improve it, is very close to our hearts. Communication is one large part of teamwork.  Brindley talks about the effect of our communication on others in the team – even if we do not think that we are communicating! He highlights a randomised trial by Riskin et al. which looks at the effect of rudeness on the performance of the team.  How well do the teams that you work in debrief, evaluate and feedback after an incident or difficult patient?  Professor Brindley’s talk certainly raises some questions and asks you to think about the teams that you work in.  Enjoy!

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