Can’t Intubate Can’t Oxygenate

To help with the unanticipated difficult airway, there are many algorithms around the world.  SCME focus on the DAS algorithms as well as the Vortex combined with Andy Heard’s work (eBook available here).

The case of Elaine Bromiley in the UK highlighted many points covered on our CICO course.  The “Just a Routine Operation” documentary is an eye opening delve into CICO and Human Factors within an emergency.  Simpact have since recreated what happened and a “what if” version of that fateful event.


Other Airway Related Resources

Here is an interesting presentation given by Ellen O’Sullivan at SMACC Dublin – 2016.  She is a large part of the DAS and helped to create the new DAS unanticipated difficult airway algorithms.