Sunshine Coast Medical Education are pleased to offer four courses: Cardiac Arrest Emergency Response; Can’t Intubate, Can’t Oxygenate; Major Haemorrhage and Anaphylaxis. To allow our GP colleagues to access the GP Rural Procedural Grant we combine two of the courses on the same day to make up our Emergency Response Course

We email out the pre-reading to all of our participants a few weeks prior to attending the course.  We feel that access to these resources should be easy and open to everyone, that is why we provide free access to the pre-reading for each course on our website.

Anaphylaxis Resources

Cardiac Arrest Emergency Response Resources

CICO Resources

Major Haemorrhage Resources 

Throughout all of our courses we emphasise the importance of Human Factors, or Non-Technical Skills.  Participants receive feedback and tips on communication, leadership, situational awareness and decision making during the immersive simulations, small group workshops and discussions.  We have put together a few resources on the importance of NTS.  These will also give you a feel for the type of actions, communication and teamwork that we will be looking at during our course simulations.

Human Factor and Training Resources

We are all passionate about education here at Sunshine Coast Medical Education.  We have started a new page – Other Resources. Here we will post links to articles, podcasts, vodcasts, videos and websites that we find interesting or thought provoking (sometimes we may just find them funny).  This page will house resources that are not directly linked to any of our courses, but as with all of medicine many topics may have some relation.